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Who We Are

Meta BPO is the Meta RH Group division specialized in providing Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Professionals Management, Outsourcing and RPO, developing processes aligned to the needs of clients, with the solidity of more than 30 years in the Human Resources market.

Meta BPO adds to its experience, agility and professionalism, in addition to having highly qualified professionals, focused on serving customers from the most diverse segments in a personalized way, which makes it possible to develop effective and long lasting partnerships.


With a great know-how acquired in more than 30 years in the Recruitment & Selection of professionals for operational, administrative, technical and specialized areas, Meta BPO has a successful trajectory in this market with more than 1,000 clients attended, some with more than 25 years of relationship, in addition to having inserted more than 100,000 professionals in the labor market.

We have an exclusive and tailored service to meet the needs of each client, with dedicated cells, providing expert consultants who will act in an advisory manner and with a total focus on the development of our clients’ businesses.


Recruitment & Selection

Experience in meeting punctual positions and projects of great demands;
Database with more than 700,000 professionals;
Processes customized and aligned to the corporate culture and the company needs (dedicated cell);
Personalized service to clients and candidates through constant feedback throughout the selection process.

Outsourcing / BPO

Processes of Recruitment, Selection and Administration of temporary professionals to meet specific or seasonal projects of clients, under the terms of Law 6019/1974;
Transparency, integrity and ethics in administration, proven by our clients;
Hiring option without recruitment and selection costs.

RPO | Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Combining our brand experience with agility in our processes, RPO brings solutions to improve and make strategic the attraction of talent, allowing us to introduce structured and tailored processes, bringing innovation with added value to our clients’ businesses.

Our RPO options:

PROJECT RPO – Actions in specific periods, in events that may demand large volumes of contracting and specific projects, being able to be directed to a specific group of positions, a geographic area, expansion of the company operations, seasonality of production, among others.
END TO END – Total involvement of Grupo Meta RH in all recruitment and selection activities, from process design to employee integration in the company.


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