Meta Talentos has special and professional programs to identify and develop the potential of of young people in their careers.

Who We Are

It is a company specialized in Trainee Programs, Interns and Young
Talent Development. We select young people with potential, offering
opportunities for development and growth in renowned companies
that prepare them to take on challenging positions in the future.

For each program, we have a team of highly qualified professionals
to carry out all the structuring of the process: alignment of
expectations with the manager (Mentor) in the company,
dissemination, registration, online tests, dynamics, interviews and
closing programs. In all the stages we follow up with the client
company and the candidates.

The structuring of the programs and the elaboration of the activities are done in a creative way and according to the young public. We provide a modern space and tools of high quality. Applicants will be received with all the comfort and attention they need for the development of selection activities.


A dedicated marketing team for process disclosure and activation. Digital Campaigns.
Permanent innovation of the processes using new technologies and concepts for the face-to-face and on-line phases.
Digital Recruitment.
More attractive selection tools with games and / or cases linked to the company’s business.
Methodology of selection by competences and values.
Attract and select adherents to company’s culture.
It is a premise for us to give feedback to all the candidates in each stage of the process.
Relationship with the client based on the pillars: Ethics, respect for diversity, transparency, perennial relationships and search for shared and synergistic goals.

Our Solutions

Attraction and Selection

We conduct Trainee and Intern Programs and temporary assignments of Internship.

Our process of attraction and selection is designed, considering the methodology of Selection by Competences and analysis of personal and organizational Values. We take care of each phase seeking excellence in the service for our clients: Company and Candidate.

The management of the process is done through our system that guarantees the accomplishment and effective monitoring in each one of the step of the process.

We established key partnerships in the market aiming to boost results in the on-line and face-to-face phases, using modern and innovative tools to guarantee results in line with the organizational strategy.

Development of
Young Talents

Workshops & Development

Workshops for Participants of the Trainees or Interns Program and their Managers.
Workshop of integration for Participants of the Trainees or Interns Program.

After the selection, trainees / interns need to know the company and what is expected of them both at a technical and behavioral level.

We offer a 4 to 8 hour workshop designed in partnership with the HR companies that will provide information about the company and its culture. We use a practical methodology based on Andragogy and the workshops are given by specialized consultants. The expected objective of the program is that trainee or intern participants can get to know the company, what is expected of them in the program both at a technical and behavioral level, how it should be related with its managers and what are the future prospects in the company.

Workshop for Trainee or Interns Managers

The success of a Trainee and Intern Program depends to a large extent on management by mentors and managers. In many cases, trainee or intern managers are not aware of their role in the process and therefore can not always develop young people to reach their full potential.

We offer an 8-hour workshop so that managers can learn their role, how best to develop the young people they are responsible for. The topics to be dealt with in the workshop will depend on the diagnosis made with the company. Topics that we usually address: Trainee or intern program objectives for the company, the manager’s role, how to deal with generational differences, how to deal with the expectations of young trainees or interns, talent development, coaching, performance and feedback.

Development of Talent
and Future Leaders

The Meta Executivos Division – Organizational Development Division offers development solutions for young talents and future leaders including lectures, workshops, executive and career coaching.

We act in a customized way and with specialized consultants, from a diagnosis with the HR area of the company and the managers of the young talents to create specific workshops or a long-term development program aimed at the retention and transformation of these talents.


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