Our work includes the recruitment of professionals
from various hierarchical levels, ranging
from specific positions to large projects.

Who We Are

Technology is in constant innovation, noticeable in the tools, software, programs and applications that are already part of daily life. Aligned to this context, the performance of a competent IT team allows greater agility in the processes of a company, in addition to enable new directions and business opportunities.

The integration of these two points requires specialized consultancy to provide what you need to increase competitiveness in a market increasingly supported by innovations, and Meta Technology has a team specialized in the recruitment of qualified professionals in the technology area.

Our work includes the recruitment of professionals from various hierarchical levels, ranging from specific positions to large projects.



We develop all projects with our clients in dedicated cells to find talents differentiated and adjusted to the culture of the company, and we have recruiters specialists according to area, function and level of the candidates requested in the process.


Through our expertise, we identify the needs of the company and have professionals that are in line with the demand that is required. We work with digital tests for IT professionals, psychological and technical, to select those with greater aptitude and preparation according to the demands of the client.


To optimize the process, we offer the best solution from a database with professionals of the area, in addition to performing previous mappings of different professional profiles, focused on quality performance. In addition, our recruitment is also digital, which, in line with the physical step, identifies the right candidate.

Our Services

Recruitment and Specialized Selection

With consultants specialized in the service of the area of technology, we attract the best talent through an advisory and personalized project.


We develop IT projects with your company to meet any type of demand:
Custom Processes;


The best job opportunities in technology vacancies!
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